(Audio) Bundy’s 2nd Meeting with BIA Social Services Supervisor Bill McKie

This audio is of Spirit Lake Tribal member/BIA Police Officer ‘Bundy’ talking to BIA Social Services Supervisor Bill McKie about abuse of his children. In the audio Bundy talks about getting the run-around. McKie berates Bundy for pursuing the child abuse – tells him he is running around going “yap-yap-yap” and is obsessed with the issue. This happened about 3 weeks before Bundy died. Aug. 30, 2014, Fort Totten, North Dakota – Spirit Lake Reservation.


Three weeks ago while I was walking, I found these beautiful Flowers growing out of a crack in the cement sidewalk. Today, listening to Mr. Mckie’s attempt to shame and intimidate Bundy, these flowers seemed appropriate. RIP Lavern ‘Bundy’ Littlewind. God Bless you.
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A few people have asked what they can do to stand up for Bundy and continue what he started.

1. Bundy wanted these documents to be seen. He wanted to prove that Social services is not doing its job and needs an honest, genuine shake-up and change, not just fluffy talk and pretend. So – Please share his stuff so that the Media and Congressman in New York and DC can’t ignore it as they have been. Especially share this last audio, the longest one. It really shows the attitude of tribal social services and the BIA.

2. Senator Hoeven and Rep. Cramer were given this material and the week prior to Bundy’s passing and have had time to look at it. Now we need to know now what they are going to do to push for genuine change in tribal social services. We don’t want more fluff talk and posturing from DC, the BIA, Casey family services or the ACF. We want the people of Spirit Lake to finally get some honest respect and real action. So please call their offices and ask them what is going to be done to change tribal social services. Be persistent. Don’t allow anyone to snow you with nice words that are only meant to pacify.

Senator Hoeven: 202-224-2551

Rep. Cramer: 202-225-2611

Rep. Cramer was very good to call the BIA on the carpet in June. His office actually asked Bundy to testify at the Oversight Hearing that month, but Bundy was nervous about the custody battle and thought the tribal government might use his kids against him if he did that. That was very understandable – as many of us have seen that kind of thing happen.

We are very grateful for Rep. Cramer’s for what he did in June. He has been a hero doing things others have been too afraid to. But we can’t let our politician’s rest on their laurels. We want to know what Rep. Cramer’s next step is.

(It doesn’t do much good to call Senator Heitkamp’s office. She has not yet been willing to take genuine, immediate action to change things for the better.)

Bundy’s 10 page affidavit –

– https://caicw.org/2014/09/25/bundy-10-page-affidavit-statement-to-the-court-july-14-2014/#.VCS4OxamSSr


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  1. Oh my stars how can people like this McKee keep their job when they are not doing it? Those poor children are being abused daily and nobody cares!! WTF

  2. McKie is really trying to blow Bundy off,,,no matter what Bundy says this guy has an excuse for why he ain’t doing anything. and to think there are other ppl are out there like poor Bundy trying to do right by their kids. Something needs to be done about this kind of crap that decent moral ppl need help with. To hear mc kie talk a person can kill a kid and get away with it unless its on camera. he doesn’t care, he needs to go somewhere else. he sure didn’t try to help Bundy, and i hope he feels guilt feeling for the rest of his life.

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