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Searchable Resources for Potential ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) Legal Assistance and Research *

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Pro Bono Sites

Some of the organizations below provide information about pro bono services or support pro bono lawyers.  Others provide referrals to private attorneys who may be able to provide legal services either for free or at reduced fees.

ABA Division of Legal Services – Center for Pro Bono

Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

Community Law Program (St. Petersburg, Florida)

New Orleans Pro Bono Project

Philadelphia Volunteers for the Indigent

Pro Bono Information and Resources (NLS, Massachusetts)

Pro Bono Institute

Pro Bono Net (many states)

Pro Bono Services (ABA state by state information)

Public Counsel (Los Angeles)

State Bar of California – Access to Justice

Vermont Volunteer Lawyers Project

Volunteer Attorneys for Rural Nevadans

Volunteer Lawyers Project (Maine)

Volunteer Lawyers Project of the Boston Bar Association

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Family Law

ABA Section of Family Law (Family Law Quarterly has table info on law in every state)

ABA Commission on Family Violence

Federal Legislation and Regulations on Family Violence (DOJ)

Uniform Matrimonial, Family and Health Laws

Vital Records Information

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Native American Law

Handbook of Federal Indian Law by Felix S. Cohen

Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Case Law (CAICW)

Indian Child Welfare Act (Legal Information Institute – Cornell)

Indian Law (Legal Information Institute – Cornell)

National Indian Law Library (NARF)

Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project (University of Oklahoma & NARF)

Native American Law (New England School of Law)

Native American Law Review (U of Oklahoma – index only on line)

Tribal Court Clearinghouse

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General Legal Sites

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Federal Information

U.S. Constitution

Court Resources: Guide to the Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

U.S. 14th Amendment

“The Charters of Freedom”  (Decl of Indepen,, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments)

Frequently Used U.S. Documents

U S Supreme Court

Federal Courts Home Page

Map of US Courts

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Evidence

USDC – Eastern District

USDC – Northern District

USDC-Southern District

USDC – Western District

5th Circuit Court Of Appeals

White House

Government Printing Office

Federal Register


House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

Congressional Record

Library of Congress

Thomas — Legislative Info

ICWA Law – Text

ICWA Legislative History

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Directory of Lawyers

Lawinfo   (Martindale/Hubbell)

Find Law

Paralegal Assistance for Your Attorney  (Research and Writing, ICWA Law and Legislative History)®

Canadian Attorneys (China) (South Africa) (Japan) (German) (Israel)

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Bar Associations

American Bar Association

State Bar Associations

Trial Lawyers Association

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Statutes and Acts

ICWA Law – Text (CAICW)

Indian Child Protection / Family Violence Prevention Act (CAICW)

Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA) (CAICW)

Jay Treaty (CAICW)


Multi-Ethnic Placement Act and Amendments (MEPA) (CAICW)

Public Law 280 States (CAICW)

Rooker-Feldman (CAICW)

State Statutes


United States Code

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Supreme Court Cases

DC Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

1st Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

4th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

5th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

6th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

8th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

10th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

11th Circuit Court of Appeals Cases

U.S. Court of Appeals Federal Cir.

The ‘lectric Law Library

Map of Circuits

Versus Law

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Law Journals and Magazines

Directory of law publications

Directory of academic law journals

Journals and Periodicals (USC Law School)

University Law Review Project (full text search of law journals on the internet)

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Research Aids

All Law

The Blue Book (Most recent edition)

       Did Congress have the authority to adopt ICWA? Original Meaning of the Indian Commerce Clause 85 Denv. U. L. Rev. 201 (2007)

FindLaw: Law Crawler

Federal legal research


GSU Meta Index for Legal Research

U.S.C. ICWA Law – Text (CAICW)


Internet Legal Resource Guide(tm) (PublicLegal, Law Runner)

Law Forms and Legal Topics

Law Guru

LSCN Hotlinks to Law on the Web

Martindale-Hubbell Glossary of Legal Terms (based on Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law)

Rominger Legal Services


Virtual Chase  (Teaching Legal Professionals How To Do Research)

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law

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Pending Federal Legislation

Congressional Bills

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State Legislation

State Statutes

You may access almost all state legislatures by adding the state code in the following web address. For example, the New Mexico State Legislature is accessed as follows: To access your state legislature, substitute the “nm” with your particular state code.

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