CAICW Legal Fund

CAICW Legal Fund

A handful of very good ICWA attorneys have been overwhelmed by the number of low & middle income families who need help to save their child.

Your donation will help a family have a consultation with a good ICWA attorney. This opportunity can make a decided difference in the outcome of this family’s battle.

Some of the best ICWA attorneys have worked quite a bit of Pro Bono and it became a strain for their families. They want to continue helping as many people as they can – but many ICWA families are low-income and can’t afford attorneys.

Knowing it isn’t possible to fund everyone’s full cases, we were asked to set up a fund for consultation fees. A good initial consultation between a family’s local attorney and an expert ICWA attorney can go a long way helping families.

This fund has successfully helped several families already.

A grandmother in Colorado was told by the Warm Springs Tribe of Oregon that she could not keep her 7-yr-old grandson because she was white. They were then told by social services in Colorado that if the tribal government wants her grandson, there is little she can do about it.

Representatives of the tribe stood before the judge and also said there was nothing the family can do – that they had all the rights to this child. There was also evidence the tribe had falsified a birth certificate in order to prove membership eligibility.

We were able to help this family with this legal fund. They were still not able to afford an attorney, but the consultations they were given helped the family to stand up on their own and say what needed to be said. It was enough for the judge to rule in their favor – and the grandmother was able to adopt her grandson.

Many times, with a proper understanding of the law, families can be helped.

The Consultations are $300. We would like to fund ten of them.

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Thank you so much for the gracious support and prayers you have been giving these children.