Non-tribal foster parents: “…My husband and I are in the middle of a court battle for our foster son…”


June 6, 2004

I just read your story on Santos from 2001.  Can you tell me whatever happened to him?  I live in Minnesota and my husband and I are in the middle of a court battle for our foster son.  Our story is very much like Santos.  He came to us due to his mothers drug addiction and neglect over two years ago.  We were told over a year ago that  the tribal councel granted us permission to adopt him then just before the adoption took place they came back and said ” we have changed our minds and want to look for relatives once more”.  They have now found a fourth cousin and want to remove him from our home into theirs.  Is there any hope we will win this?

UPDATE March 2, 2005

Things have been so crazy with our lives right now and  then on top of everything my computer crashed and it took over a week to get it back up and running. We do still have our son….  On Jaunary 13th we finished our last day of trial.  It took us 10 months and $60,000 to fight for him.  We still don’t have a final answer.  The attorney’s all had to get in their facts and findings on February 19th and now we are just waiting for the Judge to make his decision.  It looks as if we have a good chance of winning but the tribe has told us they will appeal it if we do.  We have been told that can take up to two years.  All we can do at this time is continue to pray and trust God …. I have been in contact with the other family here in Minnesota.  We have talked and e-mailed one another a few times. The weird thing is one of our attorney’s is also theirs.  We have also been praying for for them and their little guy. Thank you for your concern and all the work you are putting into helping kids like ours.  I’ll let you know the out come.  Please keep praying for (our boy).  He will be four on Monday.  He’s been with us for three years.  I can’t imagine what it would do to him and our entire family if he has to leave.

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