Legal Guardians, non-tribal


June 24, 2005

A … Indian father gave us his two children, we now only have one, a twelve year old girl whom we have been legal guardians to for over 8 and 1/2 years.  We are white and have known the father for over 18 years beginning when he was 15 and a State Ward.  We are moving to   Texas this next week and the …Tribe in Nebraska is going to serve us with papers to stop us from from taking her.  Her father wants her to go with us to Texas but the …Tribe ignore his wishes.  How can this be?  They are helping the bio mother who is Sioux Indian to get her daughter back after being gone and out of her life all these years.  What rights does   the twelve year old girl have.  She does not want to live with her mother, as she is bonded with us since we’ve had her since she just turned four.  This story is very long and complicated.  Can you help or let us  know where to turn for help in not destroying this young girl by removing her from the only family she has ever known, our family. Please, we are leaving very soon and I won’t have E-mail right away.

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