“I’m a Indian grandmother…”


April 20, 2006

I’m a Indian grandmother living on the  reservation,i was given temporary custody of my Grandson one year ago, I have been going rounds and rounds with the ICWA workers, they are like forcing the parents to be parents, they both are on the reservation, we are a small reservation we all know each other and know what is really going on. I have reported them numerous times, but it seems no one cares about the well being of my grandson, ICWA is all about reunification, there  is no thought for the child. I walked into a unity meeting, there sat all my Tribal Council members, all five members knew i had my Grandson for a year not one ever asked about him or how he is doing. They were supporting ICWA an the parents. I pray evryday for my grandson, that no harm will come to him. He was born positive with meth. I received him from the hospital, in the real world this child would of been adopted out by now. Its a shame we will never teach our Indian People responsibilty, cause we give them chance after chance. I have another meeting today, please keep me in your prayers.  ———————————————–

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