Birth Mother, tribal ” i want what is best for all 4 kids”


May 20, 2006

The case of my kids is unraveling quickly and i need help. the … tribal council of alaska is involved and i have lost two of my children to their father the third is placed with hers and he is a drug addict and extremely abusive he wanted nothing to do with this child until there was money involved for him now he is trying to place my youngest child within his home and she is not his but the tribe and oregon courts seem ready to give him custody… he is an indian of a different tribe…the father of my older two children wants to fight for place ment of the youngest with him and her brothers…the tribe says no, he is not indian he is hispanic,but the brothers are indian, and i want my children together wether they are with me or they have to be with someone else, my attourney and i are fighting a losing battle it seems and i want what is best for all 4 of theses kids .

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