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January 16, 2006 – Canadian answer

I’m not sure if you can assist me.  My son’s father has recently stated that he is moving to an Indian Reservation in Canada to avoid paying support that has been court ordered out of New Jersey (USA).  I found your email address on a website and am hoping that you might be able to provide me with some information or a contact that might be able to help me understand how or if this is true.

CAICW forwarded the above message to a Member of Parliament. We are providing their response as information for others:

—–Original Message—–
From: Thompson, Myron – Riding 1 []
Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2006 6:07 PM
Subject: Child Support

We have contacted the parliamentary library in reference to the questions you posed and have been provided with the following information.  I hope this is of some assistance to you.

Linda Burrell,
Assistant to Myron Thompson, MP

At the link below, See Section II, “Enforcement of Support”

The following is a lengthy article, however the issue of child support is
mentioned in Paragraph 54:

The web page below provides links to state child support enforcement
programs.  Perhaps you constituent can contact the appropriate state for further information (I do not recall from which state you said you received the e-mail, so I am sending this instead of the individual
state’s page).

As I said, I cannot give a legal opinion or interpretation, but I hope the
above will be of some assistance.

Michele Alton, M.L.I.S.
Reference Librarian/Bibliothécaire de référence
Confederation Branch/Succursale Confédération
Library of Parliament/Bibliothèque du Parlement
Ottawa, Canada
K1A 0A9

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