We fear for her life


February 26, 2011

On February 28th, 2011, we go to curcuit court. We have no money or legal education.
Our brother died about 4 years ago, the baby was born a few months later. Before the child had a start in life
Mom was doing the drugs and alcohol just as she had the last 10 years and really longer. She drank and used
into her pregnancy…
So with her pleading we took the child thinking she would be around only a few months. “The mothers, “Support System” is worse.”
We need help! This child will be dead in this womans hands. We feel the good fight to do whats right but fear
this child will be severly marred.
You see we have raised her from a car seat, taught her everything so far. Now she faces a tribal 3rd placement. Where she will be placed for failure.
–   I say no. She is half caucasion. Never been on a reservation, born illegitimat and never will stay on the reservation.
It’s for the money,it’s all about “Who gets the Money’ It has not one thing to do with the “Best interests of the child.”
Our hearts ache for her. We have taken not a dime to raise her. The mother even called the girl. Never sent a penny and never even talked with her on the phone.
And now find an expert tribe member to testify.
“That all men are created equal” Abe Lincoln to me an American Disabled Veteran.
God we pray for help.

UPDATE March 2, 2011

As we all sat around talking someone asked what was the job of the GAL. He arrived to the hearing with nothing but a note book. I looked up their responsibilities.
He did none of them.
He presented nothing and only asked a few stupid questions. Then advised the child be sent home.
They did not prove us unfit in any manner. Can this be reversible error? The GAL did not represent  (my niece)
Is this incompetent counsel?
Ineffective counsel as she was entitled to?

UPDATE April 15, 2011

We can not afford any actions in the court. So we have done as we were told.
We were used for a year to raise a child.
Never received a penny to help us. Remember I am a disabled vet
Now the Government and the tribe tell us thanks and big deal. The court sent us a $1300 bill.
Within 24 hours of her return to homeless mother the child was identified at a drug and alcohol celebration.
The tribe gets their money, mom gets her welfare, jail sentence dropped and child support arrears disappeared.
We can not win. Special treatment is written into the law.
With out the law being changed/ repealed their is no hope.
Never saw the child again and never will.

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