Two little girls, taken from their adoptive home


Two young girls removed from long-term pre-adoptive home at 10:30 pm, with no warning.

The birth mom voluntarily placed them there for the purpose of adoption.  The adoptive mom is the birth mom’s 2nd cousin.

February 9, 2007

Enough is enough. They are now in the home of a three-time felon. Is anyone going to do anything about this? If anyone has connections in Arkansas or Arizona, please contact me. If anyone in DC wants to stand up for innocent kids like these, let me know. We all know this stuff happens and most of us would agree that it shouldn’t happen. The question is, is anyone willing to take a politically incorrect stand against what amounts to child abuse in the name of tribal sovereignty? Some of you have. More need to come on board. Children’s lives are at stake. Look into their eyes and tell me we really need another column about Nancy Pelosi’s plane, or John Edwards’ mansion, or Anna Nicole Smith’s last hours.

UPDATE February 12, 2007

(Adoptive parents) took clothes to their daughters yesterday. It was 1:00 PM. (the woman given custody) was still in bed. There are five kids living there: girls ages 10, 10, and 11; and boys ages 13 and 14. The kids report that they take care of (The woman given custody), rather than the other way around. The 11 year-old does the cooking. The first thing the girls said was, “Dad, I want to come home.” …. feels he is powerless to do anything about it. Nevertheless, he is reaching out to whomever he can. (The woman given custody) has an oxygen tank and a morphine bag. During the visit, she fell asleep with a cigarette in her hand. …noticed cigarette burns on the carpet, indicating that this has happened before. The girls are in a bedroom with boarded-up windows. I shudder to think what might happen if there is a fire when they are asleep. There is no way in the world the girls would be there if they were not part Native American. They are supposedly part Native American through their father, who is in and out of prison and who has never supported them. Keep in mind, (Adoptive mother) is a second cousin to the girls (though it would be just as much of a tragedy if they weren’t, in my opinion — after all, regardless of the blood relation, these are the psychological parents of the girls).

This case needs intervention. It needs prayer and it needs publicity. For those of you are new to the Indian Child Welfare Act, don’t be surprised by this. Kids are ripped out of loving homes in which they have formed deep attachments all the time because of this Act. Below you will see some recent notes the girls wrote to their parents before they were taken by police on Friday night. If you are able to do anything, do it. Like I said before, kids’ lives are at stake.

UPDATE February 19, 2007

…visited the girls yesterday. He wrote this letter to me after the visit. He gave me permission to share it with others.

…”things went really good, my girls told me that DHHS talked to them and told them they were going to try to place them back with (birth Mom) and my girls told them they don’t want to go to tinas they wanted to go home to their mom & dad (Adoptive parents). They did not say what the case worker response was. My daughter … told my wife “I wish you could put me in your coat pocket and take me home Mom.” It’s just so hard every time we see them there nothing we can do. We look forward all week to see them but come away so sad that we have to leave them. It just hurts real bad………

UPDATE March 20, 2007

My husband … is White, Myself 1/2 Mexican, 1/2 White. Our Twin girl’s were 1/2 White, 3/8 African American, 1/8 Tohono O’odham Indian. But ! ICWA did not care they took our girls. Our children had no rights, they were taken against their will, as Americans we had no rights what so ever, I am the Biological mother’s 2nd cousin. But that did not matter either, I feel we were Discrimiated and our girls were Discriminated against. The Indian Tribes and we all live on American soil; where is our Constitutional rights, I guess we have none. Because all the Indian Nations have more rights over our Children then we do!  PLEASE READ OUR STORY !   I would greatly appreciate it a lot. would you Please tell us what you think ? Is there anything we can do to get our Precious girls back, we go to court April 11th,2007 to see if we can try to get our girls back, Im Praying for a Miracle !

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