Tribal Social Services put my granddaughter back into danger..


December 2, 2004

I have a granddaughter who is 1/4 L….., 1/8 A…..and 1/16 H…, She and I need your help. She has told me she has been molested in this home she now lives in, and the grandparents were in the home during the molestation, as the mother was. The man who did this, is the mothers boyfriend. We are in a custody dispute, and the …. Tribal Courts have placed her back in the home where the molestation occurred.
I am very concerned about this and do not want her there. Social services is a joke on the … Reservation, and have proven to me that they do not care about her welfare. Only keeping another Indian on the reservation. Help please.

UPDATE December 31, 2004

I wrote you about a month back, this is to fill you in:

My granddaughter who has been molested by her mothers boyfriend / possible husband, has had her case investigated by BIA, and has now had a safehouse interview …. The mother… was and still is considered unfit by the [tribal] Court, and the grandparents who had her declaired unfit. My son who has been trying to get custody of his daughter, …, was given custody in …court, and then the grand parents filed a appeal with the [tribal] council, which they over turned the court, and gave custody back to the grandparents.

My granddaughter after reporting the molestation still was given back to the grand parents, where the molestation occurred, and the mother who has been declaried unfit still lives.
The grandparents have not kept the mother away from her for her protection, and have allowed her to jepordise her safety. The mother upon finding out about the molestaion, and the BIA /FBI interview, threaten my granddaughter if she told the truth. She picked her up from school with out the grandparents permission and took her to the interview where she recanted her calim.

The BIA failed to notify my son of the interview, and two weeks later I called to find out what was going on with the investigation, and then I found out about her recanting her story.
I Asked my granddaughter why she did not tell the truth and she told me her mother had threatened her, so I took her back to the BIA office and had her tell them the truth. And that is why the safehouse interview took place finally.

Now the [tribal] Social Services had placed her back in the home, with her mother and the grandparents, and has placed her back into a dangerous environment.
What can I do?

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