Thank God


February 4, 2011

Our story is the same as many others affected by the ICWA.  We are white foster parents who were caring for a Native girl.  She was 7 mos old when we got her and was 18 mos when the tribe took her away from us to place her in a Native foster home.  We were the only family she knew.  Her own family didn’t visit her.  We were all she had and then one day the tribe comes sweeping in we had to give her to strangers.

Us, along with our family, have vowed that we will make every effort to change this law.  It is downright wrong!!! Every day our hearts ache wondering what is happening to her, if she is being taken care of, and most of all if she is okay.

Every day we have prayed that she is returned to us, as the case is in appeals right now.  But everyone we talk to say our chances are slim.

God has put it upon my heart to fight for this little girl and for all of the other children out there that this is happening to.  Then God directed me to your website.  A little late as I know many more that would have signed your petition.  I am devastated that I didn’t find this website sooner and could have joined on the list.

I am very interested to join your cause.  Please let me know what I can do to help.

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