Military family overseas asks about pre-adoptive son


July 7, 2007

I know you guys are not lawyers. We have some lawyers in the states right now that are working with the tribes, but I didn’t know if maybe you guys had ever heard of or had any information on a question. My wife and I are trying to adopt again, but this child will be half indian. We are stationed in (overseas) and I am curious, if we use an (overseas) attorney and file for the adoption here through(overseas) under my SOFA, do we still have to adhere to ICWA laws? Secondly, can they try to take my child away once we return to the states if the adoption was done over here? I would be thankful for any information you may have on this. I read many of the stories sitting here tonight, and my heart and prayers go out to each of them. My son is also adopted and I could not imagine him being taken away from me.

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