Grandmother, tribal


May 5, 2006

I am a member of the…. Band of ….. My son’s wife plans on divorce. We have information regarding her drug abuse and behavior outside of marriage.  My son traveled to M… for employment  (thinking his wife and child were coming in a month) but his wife took this opportunity to party, do drugs, empty the house, and empty all the bank accounts,  etc.   Since my grandson was in her care at the time she did all this,because my son had gone to M… due to employment,  I guess the lawyers … assume that she will have custody, my son will pay child support and spend tons of money trying to fly back and forth to see his son.

The problem is: When I visited with my grandson (3 yrs. old) in Oct. 2005 and again last 2 weeks of March —- I know this little boy has been exposed to some people and situations he should never have been exposed to — and I called Dept of Social Services … and sent reports of sexual statements made by my little grandson but they have closed the case since the child is now in counceling and state that they find no neglect or abuse???

I also know that her father drinks and has twisted his little arm behind his back – my son saw this. The little boy says Mommy has anattitude toward me. (and I don’t doubt this for a minute.)  I’m also concerned because I’m a bit afraid that these people have an attitude toward my son and Native American Heritage in general.     My son was a most wonderful father to his little boy and it’s so sad that now he will only be able to see his son whenever he has enough money.  It is also sad because my son is so concerned about the welfare of his little boy in her custody because of the drugs, boyfriends etc.  I mean there is some real reason for concern but we don’t know what to do about it.  It seems like the doors get slammed and no one is listening only because she is a woman and lives in ….  and he is a man who lives outside the State of …!    The Honest Truth is that my son would be the better parent all the way around.  This little boy is being emotionally abused by his mother and there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it.

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