Grandmother, tribal member


December 11, 2007

I have four grandchildren children in foster care. They have been removed three or four times,without any investagations. this last time they were removed by a family support worker, not their caseworker. I am not allow unsuppervised visit with my grand children,pluse my phone calls are listened too. my grand daughter is seven her and I are very close. Since a call I made that her grandfather had touched her wrong,I have been pushed father away from her. My daughterinlaw told me he also touched wrongly. All four of these kids are in foster-care on her side of the family. I’ve been in these kids lives since birth,I cant afford legal help,no one wants to go against the Indian tribe. There has been so much and so many times this tribe has removed these kids without anyone following up or giving their parents the help they need with their drug problem,they offered no,they just kept taking their kids as a way of keeping them off of drugs. Now they plan on taking their parental right. These children are a mess from these removels, they are not allowed to talk or see their parents.

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