Grandmother; “My son is so distraught right now…”


June 8, 2006

To whom it may concern,   PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  Today My son and I went to the …. court to have a review hearing …. My son is the father, but because we didn’t send money to help support her He is now being told that he has no rights. We have tried repeatedly to talk to these people but to no avail. We were never told of our rights and have never had any contact with this child. 15 months old and still have no idea what this child looks like. We were told that she is placed with a (tribal) family and that because we’re white IT DOESN”T MATTER !!

I am pleading with anyone and everyone to help us. We are desperate and have to reappear in court on July 13, 2006 ….   We are not rich by any means and hav tried to find an attorney to assist us in this matter, But all we ever get is $2500.00 just to hear our case. I am having a hard time trying to keep my son upbeat and sane. At 24 he doesn’t know what to do. I am the stong one and trying to carry the load for him, but the … Nation doesn’t give much credence to Grandparents or their rights.   Please write back with some advice or maybe some way to go. Do I have any legal rights as a Grandmother? Who do I contact for some help? How can I help this child get to her Father?

… We are grateful for any help we can receive. My son is so distraught right now I am really reaching to help him. My heart breaks to see my son in such pain. He is a young 24 year old and really at a loss. What avenue do I take to help him? How can I comfort his heart while the Lord heals his pain?   We all have the grace of God on our side but the trials of life can really take you for a spin. The (tribe) have told us that we have to give up our rights. We have court again … I am trying to contact a Lawyer Monday and hopefully it won’t cost too much. I am debating on whether or not to send money for her support. But what guarentees do I have that the money will be used for her and her only? I have clothes and articles for her but I can’t be sure that she will receive them or even wear them.

UPDATE June 21, 2006

….Hopefully the attorney I talked with yesterday will take our case. He seems real nice and he’s a member of the same tribe that is trying to take my son’s rights away. He even apologized to me on behalf of the tribe for all that is being done to us. He says that the tribe can’t take my son’s rights away because he is not a member of the tribe. Pray for us and our baby. I have hope and faith that he will assist us in every way, of course I begged him to help and told him how many lawyers we called. He once did this kind of work but not anymore. But after begging he set up an appoinment to see us. Maybe a good sign.

I will keep in touch and I would love to get your newsletter. Please keep us in your prayers and I’ll send a picture when we get one. The attorney was saying that the judges aren’t even real judges they were placed there by the tribe and he and his brother have been trying to change this for a long time. I would love to meet you sometime and get to know the angels that have come our way. Talk about divine intervention! The lord does work in many ways and I have faith that he will help us overcome this obstacle. Bless you all. Please keep in touch and i look forward to hearing from you soon.

UPDATE July 13, 2006

Dear Lisa, Well we had court today and it didn’t go well. But our
attorney is prepared to take it to state court. I am confident that
we will succeed in that court. There were 2 case workers there that
walked out of the court after the verdict because they both knew that
it was wrong. Apparently the case worker for the baby was coerced
into testifying against us.
But the attorney had us stop by after court and reassured
us that he knows the case worker and the judge that will hear the
case in state court and he will talk to both of them. The 2 case
workers that walked out will testify in court for us. So, although it
looked grim it really is going better than I had hoped.   Now the
hard work begins. I gave the attorney the case you sent me. He had
not read it and was interested in the case. So you may have helped
more than you know. I thank you.
I will try to get back to you as the case goes on. Please
pray for us as we travel this difficult road. keep in touch and take
care. May God keep you in his arms and guide your every step.

UPDATE March 8, 2007


I know it has been awhile since I have written to you but we have been fighting to get my grandaughter.       I wrote to you some time back about the …. indians trying to take my son’s rights away. You sent me a case to give to my attorney. Well we went to court, they tried to take his rights away and we fought and WON!!!!!  We now have (baby) and she is beautiful. Now they are trying to take her back. I am now faced with having to come up with $15,000 to $30,000. I don’t know if I can come up with this kind of money and I don’t know what to do! I am trying to hang tough for my son and so afraid that they will come on our private land and snatch her away. I have an attorney but he wants the money before he even tries to tackle the case. He is an excellent attorney and he is part of the ….tribe. He has been great to us and very good at his job. Please help in any way you can . I look forward to any advice you can give us on this matter.   Please write back! Thank you and please say a prayer for us.

UPDATE April 14, 2007

I know it has been awhile I have written. The case is still on hold until the court of appeals gets their case files. The tribe has tried to supeana(sp)  us but luckily I contacted my attorney and he started the ball rolling to prevent any removal of the baby. The tribe even contacted the county sheriff’s office to issue bogus orders to remove the baby, but luck was on our side. Now we have to wait and see what happens. No word yet. … She is a well adjusted baby and very happy with her father.

I received your packet today. Count me in for the trip to DC. I look forward to telling the world how we have been treated. No one should have to endure the pain and suffering that we have all had to contend with. May God have mercy on their souls. I really owe you a huge debt for reaching out to me and my son in our time of need. You are an angel in disguise. Please pray for us all! We really need it now.

I’ll try to keep you informed and will check back more often. If you do arrange the trip to DC let me know, either by mail or email. I look forward to hearing from you and will pray for you also.

Take care and much love!!  God Bless You !!!!

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