Grandmother, desperate for help for enrolled daughter


October 23, 2003

I am writing to you in the hope that maybe you could help us…. My Daughter and my 3 Grandchildren are in [a different state] … I am not even sure where to begin this story . I have never seen such corruption , dishonesty , such abuse of public positions or such a horrendous injustice in my life time. [Everyone involved is an enrolled tribal member]

My Daughter met a boy out in Montana last summer who is afflliated with the…..Casino. She was a Black Jack dealer by trade , this boy some how persuaded her to go to ….with him. Telling her he would help her get a job there etc. She took my two little Grandchildren out with her.

By all appearances it seemed like a nice place for her and the children , but in reality it would prove to be the destruction of all of their lives. This boy turned out to be a drug addict , a drug dealer , a child abuser , a woman abuser and a child molester. and thats just the beginning. He wouldnt let her work , he wouldnt let her socialise with any one but his family. He made her stop breast feeding the baby .He pretty much made her a prisoner in his world. She lost her car , she was stranded.

About 3 or 4 months into my daughters pregnancy he started making threats about how shed never leave with his son . In Aug of this year he attempted to take off with the baby while they were [here] on vacation , my son called the police and stopped that attempt. My Daughter made the mistake of going back with him after that incident. Not two weeks later they had a disagreement he took off , the children were with his mother ( remember 2 of these children are not related to this family) they refused to give my daughter back her children , I advised her to call the local police and ask that they assist her in obtaining her children , the local police refused to help her. Stating that these people were their friends etc….and that shed get her children back when they saw fit to give them to her….She was devistated. They brought the two older kids back the next day and dumped them off.

Keeping her then 4 week old baby . At this point none of these people had custody of this child except my daughter. Late the next afternoon she was served exparte for joint custody. He still kept the baby away from her for more than 48 hours. He led her to beleive that she had no right to her own son. He would bring him when he felt like it , use him to manipulate her , he tried to force her to leave the state with out her baby . telling her She was done to get the F outta his house …etc..telling her she could see the baby IF and WHEN he saw fit IF she did what he said ect…. Then He and his dirty lawyer who also tried to bully her into signing over her parental rights telling her she could see the baby one month out of the year IF he saw fit etc. mean while i was on the phone from here with the victims advocates office at the dept of Justice trying to find some one , any one who would help my daughter.

In the middle of all this havvoc my 3 yr old grandson woke up from a nightmare , which he has been having them for quite some time now , but with all the havvok reaked on this house 24 / 7 she had never had time for much more than to comfort him and help him get back to sleep , she had time this night , the baby was with his dad , she asked him what was wrong…. he said this horrible person had done specific things to him and had hurt him, my phone wrang at 3 am … I told her to get on the phone and get the hell out of there, now remember the police in this town refused to help her when this all started. so she called a different city , got ahold of a battered womens and sexual assault shelter , waited for this boys mom to bring her the baby and she left. she went to the shelter. she contacted the police and family services, she did every thing she could possibly do to try and get her 3 year old the help he needed. this never came about . Ill explain more later. My daughter called one of this persons cousins who told her there was a warrant out for her arrest for kidnapping and that she had to appear in court the following Monday or she was going to lose her baby. The hearing was a No appearance review .on the joint custody. We appeared thinking we had to be there, for fear of them taking her baby, What did happen that day was unbeleivable his lawyer some how conived a judge up there to force her to give him this baby even being fully aware of all the allegations . They hit her with an exparte for full custody that had been denied yet had a hearing date attatched to it 6 days prior to this hearing. we could not get any lawyer in this town to help us, Every one of them knew some thing about this case before she even said any thing to them.

We appeared on this date we were forced out of the original judges court convieniently enough for these law breakers we then tried requesting a continuance because she had not been given adequate time to aquire council. That same judge who made her give them the baby for visitation despite all that they had done refused to grant a continuance , refused to let her be represented by council and gave that drug dealing , woman abusing , child abusing , sexual preditor my 2 month old Grandson . with out just cause. Granting him full temp custody. My Daughter has done nothing wrong , she was protecting herself and her children that is a God given right. He set right there in that court room and admitted to every thing except the sexual assault on my grandson and that judge did this. I am in awe….. the judge and his lawyer are way too comfortable with each other and it gets worse.

They did every thing possible to threaten and harrass and attempt to intimidate us in the court house and then after the initial hearing they stalked us in an attempt to find the shelter shes living in. Im sure they know where she is , i do beleive some one there is giving out information as things have happened surrounding conversations she and i have had beleiving they were confidential.If you can imagine. I am scared to death for er and all 3 of my grandchildren. My daughter has been after DFS and the officer to complete their investigation which has drug out well over 3 weeks ( at that point ) almost 6 weeks as of today .so that she could get my grandson seen at the yale new haven sexual assault unit for the forensic interview and the physical he needs and so they could talk to my granddaughter as well and get them on their way to treatment or what ever the clinic thinks an appropriate plan of action , and this lawyer and this preditor some how convinced the police officer to drop the case. The counselor at the clinic said the police refused to attend the appointments needed. That he’d made the comment that he had heard enough.The clinic cannot do the interviews or the physical with out a dfs and the police there. one more little hummer is that this boy used to date a DFS worker and her and her mother both work out of the office that drug their feet on this investigation , I spoke to every advocates office in CT we couldnt get any help at all. These people are rich , corrupt and powerful and I can only hope that this is some thing you would be interested in looking into.

My daughter is stuck in a shelter , I cannot bring them home , they are devistated. If she leaves she loses her baby and they will never charge this person for molesting my grandson , and if she stays her older children have to suffer the consequences of shelter life , being harrassed at school and having to do with out. they wont help my 3 year old grandson , they have destroyed my daughters life , her daughters life , her sons life and they will destroy this helpless little babys life as well.

If there is any thing…. you can do to help us I beg you from the heart of a Mother and a Grandmother to please do so.

I spoke with a lady from a womens national organization she said she beleived my daughter was entitled to some form of legal assistance yet no one will help her. It has gone so far as to a conversation she and I had regarding a local attorney was relayed to the lawyer representing this horrific person and them calling this lawyers office here inquiring as to what we were doing . She is NOT in a safe place , they are NOT safe , every civil liberty she and these children are entitled to has been taken away from them as a result of no money and the opposing party being one of Ct wealthyiest families. There has to be some one who can help her. I cannot beleive every one it CT would condon these illegal activities . Please If you have any suggestions? Input ? Ideas ? If you can help in any way I pray you do so. Thank You , Hoping and praying to hear from you soon.

– OMG this is a night mare …

October 13, 2003

Thanks Lisa …. I appreciate your writing …and its obvious you do care 🙂 Thank You… Im sure he has already enrolled [the baby] they do it different , because there is no actual lineage to follow they do a dna i would guess his blood quantum is about 2%,

I do however beleive it should be a tribal court issue according to the Indian Child welfare act he should not get custody for his behavior alone , on top of  the other allegations and the abuse. it clearly states any type of inappropriate behavior on either parents part is a deciding factor in custody and seeing as hes done the evil things he has done  I am sure the tribal court would look at it harshly.

I spoke to a woman last night who wrote a book on how not to be made a victim , she said CT is the coruptest place in the states , she knew quite alot about these people. Yes he’s on the birth certificate they signed paternay papers at birth

Thank you ,,, for reenforcing my beleif system Your right God does prevail …. I LOOK forward to hearing from you andthanks again Lisa God Bless…Sincerely…

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