Foster parents, ” I am writing in desperation…”


April 5, 2006

Good afternoon. I am writing in desperation. I have custody of an Indian child, she has been with my husband and I for almost 2 years now. The biological mother wants reunification and is not stable. I am frightened for the well being of my daughter. My husband and I have prayed with many about this situation but we need help finding a TRUE advocate for her. Not because we want to keep her from her culture but we want to protect her from harm. We are seeking anyone in our area who may know tribal laws and what we can do. Is there anyone you can recommend? Or know of, this is my plea, please. God bless.

… Thank you for being so prompt. I am at my wits end with this situation. We are truly devoted to the Lord and can only hope that the reason all this is happening is so that we may plant that seed of curiosity to the birth mother and that she may also be saved. Thank you for you prayers. God Bless You All

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