FEATHER’S Grandmother, we “just don’t have any more money”


August 27, 2006 (Letters from Grandmother; Mother’s letters above)

I believe I’m the mother of Mother M.  Right now I feel like I’m on this one person battle to help my granddaughter and daughter to be back together.  I have been to so many web sites but didn’t know you were here until just now. I have prayed to God for help.  I feel as though I’ve beg him.  We so much need an attorney but just don’t have any more money.  The one attorney we did get took my daughter down the wrong road and we lost in court.  Now we need some one to help us start all over again.  This last attorney was hired to take My daughter to federal court with a Habeas Corpus Rit but he went on his own path to a state court in which she lost.  Now to appeal this we must come up with another five thousand.  My daughter is so upset because what the attorney did  or didn’t do was of no help.  This little girl { my granddaughter} has been left with a man who may or not be her real father.  We have not been given any proof of DNA.  As an Indian tribe they feel above this of giving proof.  Is there any help you can provide?  As to resource to non profit attorneys or such.  Please, please contact me back.

UPDATE November 14, 2006

Today we lost this last attorney.  He doesn’t have the time to devote to the case. He already has the seven cases to get ready for federal court by the end of the year.  Just one more hurdle to jump over.  …. Is there some chance you could ask some friends you know to send a letter to the editor at the Madras pioneer here in support … we are in need of money.  I’m going to sale my house.  I will have to to get a good attorney.    … Any help will help.  Some of my friends here are set to write but I think if there are letters from all over it will add pressure to the tribe.  Right now (baby) is sleeping on the garage floor and living in a house that no one wants her.  She is just in their way.  If she is this must trouble they could just send her home.  They no longer need her now that the census peoples have come thru and counted all the people who live on the reservation and they will all get their money.  …   Your friend, …Thank you and bless you!!!!!

UPDATE December 9, 2006

Lisa,  Today (the presumed father) did talk to (mother) and told her that (baby) no longer talks and is not potting trained yet.  The he is going to put her in a special class so she learns to talk.  I believe that little (baby) is going though so much trauma she stopped talking.  We need help to get this little  girl off the reservation and out of the hands of his man who has no  idea of what he has caused this little girl to suffer.  Have you been able to talk to….   Please tell him about this.  Thank you

UPDATE January 9, 2007

I was writing to tell you (2nd child) child was born stillborn.  We lost the baby on Christmas eve.  I should say the doctor here took an ultra sound and found the baby dead.  The doctor took the baby on the 26th.  We buried the baby on the 29th with the fathers tribe.  (not same as the claiming father and tribe) This was an  horrible year for my Daughter.  We can only pray this new year will be better.  Could …..talk to (my daughter) because no lawyer we take the case (concerning the toddler).  We are truly lost.

UPDATE January 11, 2007

(My daughter – M) is working very hard for her daughter to be returned to her.  She is having a bad time but she is taking one day at a time.  Her husband is very upset and is trying to cope also.  Talk to you later.   Thank you for your help.

UPDATE January 25, 2007

called that DNA place and they told us they have no DNA test on file.  We are just waiting for a confirmation.  I also called the state vital stats and they told me they only accept one court order for the biological father.  … already had a court order naming (someone else).  So that flake DNA test and court order from the tribe will never work.  The state will never change the existing court order.  (claimant) will never be able to claim (toddler)..  He will never be able to obtain a birth certificate or a social security card for her.  In the whole world except for on the reservation he will never be the legal father.  Now we just have to work on a way to get her off… 

UPDATE February 21, 2007

Now members of the tribe a starting to harass me.  I think I should make my signs a little bigger.  That what a friend of my from the tribe wants me to do.  I need to scream a little louder.  Yesterday I went to …. and had a protest.  People there have no clue.  Could you please write a letter of support to the paper.  Most of the people I know here are afraid of the tribe..One friend who’s granddaughter is a member of the tribe was taken from her for writing a letter of support.  This was done by the same judges. ….

UPDATE April 8, 2007

Lisa, … I will be passing these e-mails on to the BIA man.  I don’t know if he will help but I will tell him some other people have also contacted Senator Mc Cains office also.    Can the mother from Wisconsin and the man from Oklahoma write to me with there story so I can give it to the BIA man?

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