Enrolled Mom Fears her Child will be Placed on Rez


February 10, 2009

I am an enrolled Santee Sioux . I had a son 5 and a half years ago who has lived all of his life with an non indian family they recently asked if they could adopt my son. I said why not. My son does not qualify for enrollment. The _____ tribes of __________ said that they were not in support of the adoption and want to remove my child from the home that he has lived in for all of his life. and place him in a TRADITIONAL family. I am 1/8 making my son 1/16 the ____ reservation is one of the most violent places I have ever been. I have traveled all over the USA as I was a transient for years before my sons birth. I am horrified that they are trying to do this. “family” who have never cared if I was alive or dead. are now going to steal my child. I had horrible abuse and violence happen to me while living on the reservation there I was raped beaten and left to freeze to death by gang members their. I am terrified of that place and do not believe that my child will even live to be an adult. Do you know much about this can they do it I am scared . I am scared for my child. thank you very much for taking the time to read this email

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