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February 22, 2008

I am a Native American disable single father….
I have been fight for my son for over 3 years now. Welfare stated that ICWA did apply in my case in court the ….tribe has did nothing to help me or my son, the tribe stated that ICWA did not apply in my case as well WHY I am Indian and my son is Indian we are tribal members with a roll number, but yet DHS stated it don’t; why is this…I have brought this up with the B.I.A in portland oregon and nothing has been done on this matter of my rights and my son’s rights,were my son is in this foster home my son is being abused. I do have picture’s I gave copy’s to the tribe they did nothing? I have written letter’s conplants on the caseworker’s. I am asking for help as my tribe has done nothing and will not do anything …. tribe has done nothing to help our people nor will they do anything but for there one family’s and friends and there friends and so on. I want to know what my rights are as a Native American and is there any native American attorney’s that work in oregon, thank u

Response – I wish we could help you figure out what all is going on with your son.  We aren’t attorney’s, though, and so really don’t know.  We’re parents, like you, who are trying to figure out what’s best for the kids God gave us.   In general, though, ICWA does give the tribe the right to decline an ICWA case.  They can look at a situation and decide that they don’t want to change what the DHS is doing.    I pray that God guides you and shows you what it is that you can do to make things better and gives you comfort while you wait for answers.  And I pray that the Lord puts His hand of protection over your son. In Jesus’ holy name – Amen

(1911 (b) ( printed on our website – –  https://www.caicw.org/icwalaw.html )

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