Cousin concerned


July 24, 2007

i think we have a child being “protected” under the icaw that doesnt actually qualify. so i need to know as much info as possible. my husband’s cousin had a baby and wanted to give her up for adoption, she didnt want the “family” to know about the baby. her and the father are addicted to drugs and know they cant care for her. well when they were in the hospital, the father mentioned that she was from ……reservation …., im in washington state. so they immediately called the reservation, and the baby ended up with an aunt that is long story short horrible to children, but kidnaps them all the time bc she gets paid for having them. but the thing is, the mother of the baby is related to indian family but is not enuf indian to be enrolled, so im pretty sure that the tribe should not have any rights to this child, so im going to call the reservation to ask what the blood guidlines are for that but im counting on them lying to me, so i was wondering if you guys know? please, any information that you can give me, we dont want another innocent life ruined by this woman, and if the tribe truely has no legal right to her then that will help tremedously. thank you.

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