Birth Mother, “I love my daughter very much”


August 18, 2006

My daughter is 3 yrs old. Her father is Indian but I am not. He has been in and out of trouble for the last six years. Mostly for drugs. I have never been arrested for any reason. Ialso have three other children that are not his. He is now in prison for up to 10 years. We have not been together since  before our daughter was born. He showed no interest in being a part of her life until after I got married. She does not even know who he is. He has not made any effort to see her since December 2004. Now he is threatening me with the Indian Child Welfare Act. He says that he is going to take her to his reservation and that I will never be able to see her again. Can he do that? What rights do I have? Who can I contact for help on understanding ICWA?  Any information you can give me would be very much appreciated. I love my daughter very much!

UPDATE August 19, 2006

Thank you for your understanding, support, and compassion Lisa!!!  You really have helped me overcome my fear of losing my daughter and realize that I haven’t lost the fight before it has begun!!!  God bless to you and your family.  Thank you for being there for people like myself who don’t understand ICWA and are unsure where to get information on it.  I found out this morning that my daughter’s father has been released from prison early. So things may be happening sooner than expected. I am very relieved to know that I am not going in to this battle blind and uneducated. So his threats will no longer control my family’s life and security. I want you to know that you may have just helped me keep my daughter safe and secure at home with me, my husband, and all three of her brothers!!!!  

UPDATE October 7, 2006

Lisa, Thank you for your concern.   My daughter’s father has been released from prison and has not contacted us yet.  So we are all happy and well still. Since I last spoke with you I have talked with a few people regarding my rights. If it comes down to it we will go to court and from the information I have received I now believe that I have a pretty big chance of winning full custody.  i will keep you updated if further happens. God Bless You, your heart, and your family.

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