Birth mom asks about her rights


October 23, 2007

I am curious, does the tribe have an attorney working with them in icwa cases? I would hate to leave my children’s lives and my life up to 4 year degreed social workers.   I feel my tribe doesn’t care about me as a parent all I get are put downs.   How can I obtain my files that my tribe has on us?  My tribe was working against me in the beginning according to cps records that I obtained. I don’t believe they are working for my rights at all.   my case is a mess and all people are doing is damage control and little as possible. I need a miracle don’t know how to ask for prayer from you folks. I am being accused of munchausen’s by proxy and the cps did a negligent investigaton. I know because I have the disclosure paperwork. Right now I have an honest attorney fresh out of law school, full of idealism.   I am researching my case from all angles and happen to come across your web site.   I am now a beginning paralegal student who will further investigate my case from the other side of the fence. If someone can write back with ideas how to fight both the state of WA and my tribe it would be great. My heart and prayers go out to all of the families involved in the United States and in Indian Country.

UPDATE Nov. 29, 2007

I was able to hang onto my parental rights, the judge denied adoption.  My attorney tried her best to get the judge to see it our way, CPS claims to have done “active efforts” and I know better, I had to obtain all and complete all of my services prior to CPS’ approval, which I seldom received.   I am in the process of pulling information together for my attorney regarding violations of indian child welfare act.  I agree about the tribe not acting in the parents best interest.  I believe they failed to reunify me and my children.   I in the mean time have held on this far and I was told I make everyone’s life miserable by the gardian ad litem!  So what, I am their mother and will always be their mother.  Thanks, I’ll let you know how things go.

UPDATE March 7, 2008

My case is going on five years by April 29, 2008.  My attorney wants to take this to trial sometime in the future.  I am working hard at this and if it wasn’t for God helping me along this difficult journey, I don’t know what I would do.  A lady at church had a word of knowledge and she told me that I was going to get my kids back and two people figure prominentaly. I don’t know who, but it is not important, God knows and today I gave appreciation and thanks.

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