African Amer. adoptive mother, “this child is the love of our life”


July 5, 2006

We are a foster family and we have a 12 caucasian 12 african american child who has a little native american blood in him. We have had this child since birth and are wanting greatly to adopt him. In researching, my family has native american. As a matter of fact, it would be my great-grandparents who where native american. I have names and dates of birth and death but how do I find out if they were registered or not? No one seems to be able to help me with this matter. But this child is the love of our life and we need this info asap. please let us know if you can help us with any info.

UPDATE January 29, 2008

We have a little boy in which we have had since his birth on March 10, 2005. He came to us straight from the hospital and then his parents rights were severed in September of 2005. This child is African American and Caucasian and well then we found out he is Native American as well. The tribes from Oklahoma then became involved and just treated us horrible. They would say things to us like even though we were the only family that he had ever known that he needed to be with a family that was of the Native American descent. Who cares really. They never came and met this little boy, never attempted any assistance and only made contact when they thought they may have found a family. They held things up for so long. The lies they told were horrible and the things that they said where aweful. After finding out that he had a lot of severe behaviors and that it was going to cost them money they backed off though. They want no financial obligations to anything, just the power or you might say control over everything. You have to be strong and tell them like it is though.

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