Adoptive mother of two children who were just recently made members


September 19, 2005

I am the potential identified adoptive mother of two children who were just made tribal members after they have been in the foster system for over a year.  The tribe that recently took them on will not let us adopt.  Our kids have been severely abused.  Our daughter, who just turned four, tells me all the time that she never wants to leave us.  Our son, who just turned two, doesn’t know any other mother.  I’m terrified and don’t know where to turn for representation.  I live in California can you refer me to someone?  I have filed de facto parent and that should be heard soon.  There is so much to this story.  I would appreciate anything at all.

UPDATE September 23, 2005

….Then you know about the appellate court’s decision that was just handed down on July 20th that gives California *Judges the power to terminate parental rights of Indian Children?  Let me know, if not, I can send you the info.  I forwarded that to CPS attorney and he is using it in court now.

*(Note: This ruling is actually good News for all Public law 280 States, including the Mandatory States (Alaska, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Nebraska and Wisconsin) and Non-Mandatory States (Washington and Idaho). This ruling gives those States jurisdiction over children who not living on the reservation.

UPDATE June 27, 2006

Lisa,   We are still going through this stuff.  We have the kids and they have given us guardianship but even that is not a done deal yet.  Yes, please pray.  I was thinking about your organization just a couple days ago.  You must’ve heard me and my thoughts!  Thanks for checking in. Blessings!   PS.  Are you aware of any activists/lobbyist regarding ICWA and possible changes in the law?  Some things just need to be changed or defined.  I am sure ICWA has its place but some parts are too vague.  Like timelines.

UPDATE July 12, 2006

Our children are moving. The transition will began at the end of the month.  Please continue to pray as I don’t know how I am going to get through this.  They will have been here 20 months.  20 months of being their mother.  I want to help advocate for change.  Guidance?

UPDATE October 3, 2006

Good Morning Lisa,   We still have them.  Twenty-two months today.  There is court again today.  The tribe offered guardianship and we are going to take it however, they aren’t the only ones who have to agree.  This is amazing to me the things that go on.  Things that they want you to pretend didn’t happen.    Thanks for checking in.  I appreciate your prayers.

UPDATE October 4, 2006

Moved to Message of Hope page!!

UPDATE April 28, 2007

Things need prayer!  Court is on Tuesday and we aren’t sure what we are looking at as we had to file against someone’s visitation as they were being inapropriate.

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