Adoptive mom


December 22, 2008

…a week ago I received a phone call I thought I would never receive. A caucasion baby boy was born under the safe haven law and needed a family. This is what we were told anyway. By friday, we found out that the baby whom they had us name, that he was of native American heritage. It turns out the social knew the next day and didn’t say anything to us. We were kept in the dark and blind sided. I feel like my heart has been ripped out, stomped and spit on! How in the world am I going to know that my baby is going to be safe? How can they say taking a baby out of a loving home the only home he has known is in the best interest of the child????? How can we go about getting the law to be ammended to actually be in the best interest fo the child. How can the system use a couple and toss them aside like they don’t matter? They were so cold and uncaring. I have lost all faith in the system and will pray for the poor children who are/will become a victim of it!

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