Adoptive Cousin


July 31 , 2007

I finally after 3 days of searching found a web site that is also opposed to the ICWA.    We are currently in a heated custody battle with an indian tribe.  Any ideas of Lawyers in …. that are knowledgeble?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE August 2, 2007

… My cousin, a non indian, and his wife, an indian, gave birth to a baby.  The baby was born with an addiction.  In lieu of DCFS taking the baby, I agreed to become her Guardian.  We filed the papers, with the consent of both parents, and I have had the child every since.  (She will be 2 on Saturday).  The mother enrolled the child after the guardianship had been placed.  Almost 1 year after, the tribe intervened.  Just recently, I was ordered in court to allow the baby to have overnight weekend visistation with 4 members of the Tribe who showed “interest” in her.  How can they rule over State law?  Don’t they have to file this in Federal Court?  I don’t think the Attorney is even licensed in the State of …. to practice law.   Anyway… thank you so much for your help.  The prayers are great also. 

UPDATE August 10, 2007

I will not be able to attend (Wash. DC meetings) inasmuch as the court order for the baby states that if I am personally unable to care for her that she will be taken by the Tribe and I can not remove her from the State…. 

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