Mom, I need to sign over my rights if I want to see my son again

April 19, 2006

Comment: I am a white mother of a half native child. I was never married to the father and decided to let him visit his father for a 2 week visit. I have raised my son alone in …. for the past 3 years. I thought I was doing the right thing until he said that I would never see my dear baby boy again. I tried to go to the police, I tried to go to the court but to no avail. No one wants to help me get my son back and I am in agony without him. There isn’t much I can do because he is being held on the reservation. I was told that I need to fly to …. and sign over my rights if I wanted to see my son again. I am lost if anyone could help, please help get my son back he is missed dearly and I love him soooo much

To the woman who wrote the above note on our comment board: You didn’t leave any contact information; We understand what you are going through. Please do NOT sign away your rights without speaking to an attorney! We are praying for you and your child.

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