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Current Focuses:


Roland John Morris, Sr.

  • Roland J. Morris Home: A long term (12 -24 mos) Christian substance abuse program designed to keep the family unit together, allowing parents and guardians to bring their young children with them during treatment while learning parenting and work skills.
  • Indian Child Welfare Act: Though ICWA Supporters say safeguards within the Indian Child Welfare Act prevent misuse, scores of multi-racial children have been hurt. Kids, never involved with the reservation, are forcefully removed from safe, loving home and placed with strangers – sometimes unsafe strangers. These children need help.

“…they came on Saturday morning and took him away. He had just celebrated his second birthday and his second Christmas with our family in Colorado. The screams as they took him away will not go away. I hear them everyday and I try to put them out of my head but still each day I hear him scream, “No, Mama, No!”

“I couldn’t protect him.”


READ ABOUT ROLAND JOHN MORRIS, SR. at http://caicw.org/who-we-are/in-memoriam-roland-j-morris-sr/