African American Adoptive mother


July 8, 2004

I am a foster mother to a child of mixed race. “A” is ¼ native, ¼ African American, and1/2 Caucasian.  She is 21 months old and has been with my family for 17 months.  My husband and I are African American.  We have made it known to the foster care agency, the state social worker, and the Tribe that we would like to adopt “A”.  We have recently been told that they will soon start proceedings to terminated parental rights but there is a native family available to adopt her.  According to the ICW we have no recourse to adopt her.  I was also told that it could take several years before the adoption would take place.  That would make “A” somewhere around 4-5 years old and even more bonded to our family.  Ethically and morally she but not legally she is by all means our daughter.

Doing research to learn and understand more about the ICW Act I found your website and I’m am requesting any information that can help me keep “A” where she belongs.  With the family that loves her, that has raised her and is also a part of her culture/heritage.

I would greatly appreciate any help you could give us (including your prayers.

UPDATE February 14, 2005

Moved to Message of Hope page

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