Non-tribal Birth Mom arrested by tribe while trying to protect daughter

July 29, 2006

I am a single/widow desperate mother seeking help from someone/anyone. I have a story. I as a U.S abiding citizen have been revoked of my rights here in the United States. I am in a child custody battle. My X-boyfriend is a Native American and I AM NOT!!! We had a child together and I fled the state … and moved… because of domestic abuse to my children and self.

Then I received a letter in person by a …deputy. It stated I had to return our daughter back to the tribal reservation OR I could reply within 21 days with a counter-complaint. I did reply within 9 days with a certified counter complaint to the tribal court and to my ex-boyfriends lawyer. I did not hear anything back from them for almost 45 days. I then received a summons via first class mail 48 hours before the allotted hearing. The court appearance is …, 8 hours away from where I reside. I was summon[ed] to bring my 5 year old daughter and myself to appear in court. I called the Judge and spoke to directly to explain that I did not have a running vehicle, nor did I have the time to make arrangements for my other three children, nor did I have the money or time to make arrangements for accommodations for us in Michigan.

I did show up for court, a friend was able to drive me there but I did not bring my daughter because I knew we had to sleep in the car for lack of funds for a motel room. …after 4 + hours in the court room they arrested me. Never read me my Miranda rights. Held me in a casino hotel room against my will. Didn’t feed me, officer was armed in the hotel room with me and assaulted me. Moved me to another reservation 1 1/1 hours away, shackled me, and never placed a seat belt on me.

…I finally got released 72+ hours later. When I got out a friend picked me up. First thing that morning I went to dial help and meet up with state advocate…. She called the state police to tell them all about my bruises. Then we went over there. They took pictures and statements of everything. The state police chief was to take the packet straight to the F.B.I. When leaving the police station I went back in because I was scared I had seen my X’s family riding past. So the state police drove me to my friend’s house and was keeping an eye on it.

My two best friend’s husbands came and picked me up. When I arrived home they filled me in on what happened their way. During the time I was imprisoned, my friend Heather was watching my children for me. The night they put me in jail, my X-boyfriend and a tribal police officer were to pick up my daughter in my state of residence. She waited until about 1 in the morning and because she has 3 children of her own that needed to be in school the next day and she lives 2 hours away, she made the decision to take her 3 and my 4 children back to her house. The tribe tried getting charges on my one girlfriend Heather on kidnapping charges. She explained to all the police and schools, leaving phone numbers and an address where she was ALL THE TIME.

After calling over 40+ lawyers, I finally retained one for the next court
date which was supposed to be a child custody trial. It ended up when we arrived it was switched to a mediation which the judge already made his mind up before hand…..

……The judge made this decision before court was scheduled to begin and admitted this to both parties and both lawyers. Neither party was given the chance to speak in court and the trial was cancelled when we arrived and were told right then that it was already in mediation which the judge DID attend. I felt the judge was racist and vindictive towards me…

…How can a judge make a legal decision when he holds no law degrees and he makes up his decisions as he goes along to please his family
members? His father also a “judge” was charged with corruption.

I am coming to you for help, because I truly believe that this certain
tribe has manipulated tribal laws to fit their own agenda. I have the
up most respect for Native Americans and feel like this tribe is making a
bad name for law abiding Native Americans.

If you are interested in this story please call me or write to me. I REALLY
NEED HELP FROM SOMEONE!!!! My daughter is getting messed up because of all of this.

UPDATE February 16, 2007

I am seeking help to seek a lawyer that will take a tribal custody
battle. I have called and e-mailed over ‘ and no one will touch
it. I am a non-native american with a daughter of a tribal member and
they are trying to take my daughter. I have been fighting for a year now.
Her father does drugs, sells them and drinks all the time. He had
visitation and was drinking and driving with our daughter. He took our
daughter to parties were booze and other substances were used and the judge will NOT hear me. How come I can not get help. I am afraid he’ll not only kill himself but our daughter because tribe will not hear me. I
need help and I need it now.. Can you find me help???

UPDATE January 29, 2008

Life is finally getting better. But (ex-) came down for Christmas and I aloud him to stay in our home with his son,(my step-son). He was warned ahead of time my home will be watched. He acted and behaved well. My church, abuse center and work family all meet him and watched out for our family. It took him 1 1/2 yrs to break down. Naturally he admitted to everything to my face but that is the extent of it. I get my own lawyer as of Monday and will start the process of getting child support.
It REALLY felt good to hug (ex-) and tell him I forgive him for everything and I love him and will continue to pray for him. While he was here (daughter) prayed for him at the dinner table and he almost cried. But again how long will that be???
Well any how, when are we going back to Washington D.C?
Keep me informed.

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