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Even small donations help a lot. $10, $15, $20. Please Donate.

- Your Donation will:

Help Educate and Inform by:

  • Enabling us to Continue Publishing our Newsletter
  • Enabling us to Keep our Website Updated
  • Assisting us to Research Statistics
  • Enabling us to educate the public as well as elected officials about Indian rights, laws, and issues

Minster To Families by:

  • Helping us to stay in contact with families
  • Supporting and encouraging individuals and families to Trust God, Look to Him, and Pray.
  • Supporting Equal Protection for children
  • Supporting the right of parents to choose guardians for their children without regard for heritage.
  • Supporting and Encouraging families to combat alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual abuse, child abuse and child neglect
  • Encouraging Families to Stand Up Together, Pray for Each Other, and Support Each One Another.

Defend Parental and Civil Rights by:

  • Assisting us in the research of Case Law, Legislative History, and significant Secondary Authority and make it freely available
  • Encouraging accountability of governments to families with Indian heritage
  • Seeking Justice and defending the cause of families in need.
  • Advocating the use of the Existing Indian Family Doctrine
  • Advocating for Fair Trials for all US citizens, no matter their heritage
  • Defining protections for Adoptive Parents
  • Development of the Roland John Morris, Sr. Home – a long term (12 -24 mos) alcohol and drug treatment facility designed to keep the family unit together, allowing parents and guardians to bring their young children with them during treatment while learning parenting and work skills.

Assist and Support Christian Churches in their local Ministries by:

  • Supporting and encouraging prayerful volunteerism in local church Ministries and Missions.
  • Encouraging the work of Evangelism


CAICW General Fund



To the General Fund:
 – Through Ebay’s Giving-Works, ‘MissionFish’

 – Mail Your Check or Money Order to:

Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare
PO Box 460,
Hillsboro, ND 58045 – 0460

You can request that mailed funds be applied to specific accounts.
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